Forensic Investigation

  • Forensic Thirteen Waveband Light Source

    Forensic Thirteen Waveband Light Source

    This light source is a lightweight portable multi-function field xenon light source, which is specially designed for the law crime scene investigation. It adopts 55W xenon lamp bulb, the built-in lithium battery can be used for long time continuously. Particularly it is suitable for the field survey in the places without 220V AC power. It is the best choice for criminal investigation department to improve the evidence extraction detection.
  • Ultra-wide Spectrum Physical Evidence Search And Recording System

    Ultra-wide Spectrum Physical Evidence Search And Recording System

    This product adopts a super large scientific research level image transmission sensor. With a spectral response range of 150nm~1100nm,the system can conduct a wide range search and high-definition recording of fingerprints,palm prints,blood stains,urine,spermatozoa,DNA traces,exlapsed cells and other organisms on various objects.With extremely high sensitivity and super week trace detection ability.
  • Super LED Bio-material Detector

    Super LED Bio-material Detector

    The super LED bio-material detector can be widely used to search urine, saliva, vaginal secretions, blood and other biological material (It will not damage DNA), and the fiber, fall off cell fragments, bones, teeth, paint, potential fingerprints, shooting residues and other material evidence
  • Dual Wavelength Laser Material Discovery System

    Dual Wavelength Laser Material Discovery System

    The product can perform non-destructive inspection, can directly obtain the most original and true information, and does not damage biologically active substances (DNA). It can directly detect sweat fingerprints, dust fingerprints, occult blood fingerprints and oily fingerprints, which is far superior to other light sources.
  • Portable Biological Material Detector

    Portable Biological Material Detector

    Using high-power diode array technology, it has super discovery function for biological active ingredients, such as blood, occult blood, seminal fluid spots, saliva spots, sweat spots, urine traces, hair, shed cells, bone and tooth fragments, etc.
  • LED Scene Investigation Search Light

    LED Scene Investigation Search Light

    This light with small volume, easy to carry, uniform light irradiation, light spot evenly, wide light projection, no color difference, no light grain, no need to use optical filter, easy to charge, can be used at any time, no memory effect, equipped with triangular bracket, can be fixed on the triangular bracket to take pictures.
  • Uniform Light Source

    Uniform Light Source

    The four waveband light source is a new type portable ultra-wide and uniform light source which has superior quality and high technical content. It adopts imported LED light source and projection ceremony combined optical lens system which has the functions of uniform light projection, no phenomenon of interference stray light, ultra-wide illuminating range, etc. It is widely used to inspect footprint and trace, explore the surroundings, illuminate for photographic proof,etc special applications.
  • Footprint Light Source

    Footprint Light Source

    The footprint light source with LED chip has good coloration spectrum and high intensive illumination. The light source is anti-knock in all-weather environment. It is operated with lithium battery which can be used for 2 hours continuously when fully charged. It is a good solution for field criminal investigation, reconnaissance, search and rescue, etc. in the state of no electricity. The light is widely used in military affairs, police, criminal investigation, patrol, security, search and rescue, exploration, reconnaissance, etc.