Anti-terrorism Solution

  • Foldable Ladder (14 feet)

    Foldable Ladder (14 feet)

    The foldable ladder is manufactured with cast aluminum alloy for the frame, extruded aluminum alloy for the rungs, and stainless-steel connecting pins, which will provide you unprecedented convenient and speedy operating experience. The entire folding or unfolding time are less than 5 seconds. It can be folded up to a brief case size and stored in a small space, such as trunk and carry it like a briefcase or on a backpack.
  • Handheld UAV Jammer

    Handheld UAV Jammer

    The drone jammer is designed to prevent spying or being tracked or photographed. This Handheld Drone Jammer is a kind of directional UAV jamming device, which is a very popular jamming device in the market. The gun shape UAV jammer is a portable weapon against UAV, which is a great advantage, providing great flexibility and the opportunity to respond and protect quickly.
  • Fixed UAV Jammer

    Fixed UAV Jammer

    The HWUDS-1 system delivers our tried and tested drone jamming capability in a hardened IP67 case for permanent installation onto a building. Like all omni-directional jammers the HWUDS-1 could cause some interference to other devices, we have addressed this issue by attempting to use as low power as possible to defeat the drone.
  • Surveillance Ball

    Surveillance Ball

    The Surveillance ball is a system specially designed for wireless real-time intelligence. The sensor is round in shape like a ball. It is rugged enough to survive a hit or knock and can be thrown to distant area where might be dangerous. Then it transmits real-time video and audio to monitor simultaneously. Operator is able to observe what is going on in hidden place without being at dangerous place. Thus, when you have to take measures in a building, basement, cave, tunnel or lane, risk is reduced. This system is applicable to policeman, military policeman and special operation force to take anti-terrorism action or maintain surveillance in city, countryside or outdoors. This device is fitted with some NIR-LED, so the operator can search and monitor objects in dark environment.
  • Multifunctional Audio Video Detector

    Multifunctional Audio Video Detector

    The Audio video detector can help rescuer find those who are trapped under ruins and communicate with them. Equipped with an infrared camera, it can work under the environment without light.The host has wireless transmission function, which can be transmitted through WIFI or mobile data
  • Tactical Ladder

    Tactical Ladder

    The Tactical Ladder is made of super strong and ultralight aviation grade aluminum and stainless steel composite materials, and specially designed for tactical unit such as military, armed police, SWAT and law enforcement use. It is manufactured by the neutral industrial grade, and be able to withstand 300 lbs pressure. The ladder is coated with anti-glare dark color layer to prevent the operator from being discovered at night because of light reflection. And some working parts have soundproof effects, which is good for us to move in a dangerous environment.
  • High Power Cellphone Jammer

    High Power Cellphone Jammer

    This device is a high power cellphone jammer dedicated to the field of open air environment or a large area of the signal shielding, such as prisons, schools, military, large factories and mines enterprises.
  • Anti-terrorism Mute Electric Drill

    Anti-terrorism Mute Electric Drill

    HW-ED-II Anti-terrorism Mute Electric Drill is a kind of advanced low-noise drilling equipment, police officers can drill holes in walls with mute electric drill without being found by criminals, then watch what’s going on inside, to detect the movements of people in the next room.
  • Portable Wide-Band Wireless Frequency Jammer

    Portable Wide-Band Wireless Frequency Jammer

    This product has the small volume, the light weight, which is convenient for the individual soldier to carry. It is used to block communication and data transmission between all mobile phones (2G,3G,4G), which can prevent the scene of people from uploading photos to the Internet, public opinion fermentation. And also, it is helpful to dispose remote-controlled bomb controlled by mobile phone or mobile phone frequency band.