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UMD-III mine detector is a widely used hand-held (single-soldier operating) mine detector. It adopts high frequency pulse induction technology and it is highly sensitive, especially suitable for detecting minor metal mines. The operation is simple, so the operators can use the device only after a short training.

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Model: UMD-III

UMD-III mine detector is a widely used hand-held (single-soldier operating) mine detector. It adopts high frequency pulse induction technology and it is highly sensitive, especially suitable for detecting minor metal mines. The operation is simple, so the operators can use the device only after a short training.


1.Waterproof, which can be detected under water.
2.Being controlled by a microprocessor with accurate timing, fast conversion and strong signal processing capability.
3.Super sensitivity to identify very small metal objects.

Technical Parameters



Transport weight

11 kg (device+case)

The detecting pole length



3LEE LR20 Manganese Alkaline dry cell

Battery life

At maximum sensitivity - 12 hours

At medium and low sensitivity - 18 hours

Low voltage alarming by sound and light

Operating humidity

Fully enclosed and be able to operate 2 m under water.

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


The detecting coil

The longest detecting pole is 965mm, the shortest is 695mm, and weight 1300g. Glass resin telescopic rod, the surface is coated to protect the environment. The size of detecting coil is 273mm*200mm, black ABS material, surface is treated with EMC, and a hybrid RX coil is used to improve the signal/noise ratio.

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