Heweiyongtai & “Police Industry Salon” Hit A New Stride In The ⅫTH SOFEX JORDAN 2018

From May 8 to 10, 2018 (3 days in total), the 12th SOFEX (special operation forces exhibition and conference) Jordan was held in Amman exhibition center with the full support of the king of Jordan.

Beijing Heweiyongtai Sci & Tech Co., Ltd as a special safety equipment professional manufacturer, participated in this exhibition with the latest products, like Portable X-ray Inspection System, Portable Explosive Detector, Hazardous Liquid Detector, Intelligent Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot and so on. Our wide range of products cover security check, explosion-proofing, explosive ordnance disposal, criminal investigation, technical investigation, reconnaissance, anti-reconnaissance, rescue, fire control, anti-terrorism, etc. Our products attracted a lot of overseas military police professionals to stop to learn. Displaying achieved the expected effects.

Scene pictures

During the exhibition, our products are great attentions of viewers. Police users in various countries and relevant exhibitors have stopped to learn about function, application and working principle of products in detail. They are interested and would like to enter into business relations for further cooperation intention after heap praise on the applicability and universality of our products.

Mr. Xu Menglin, marketing manager of Heweiyongtai international trade department demonstrated products & functions for visitors.

Chinese ambassador to Jordan Mr. Pan weifang visited heweiyongtai booth

Mr. Wang Junfei, marketing manager of heweiyongtai international trade department, demonstrated products & functions for visitors.

Heweiongtai self-developed Portable X-ray Scanner System appeared in SOFEX Jordan

Heweiyongtai self-developed Colour Low-light Night Vision Investigation System in SOFEX Jordan

Heweiyongtai self-developed Listen Though Wall in SOFEX Jordan

This exhibition not only enhances the company's popularity in the Middle East region and develops product marketing, but also enables the company to understand the world's advanced technology and promotes the company's technology upgrading and development.
In order to promote communication between Chinese police industry and overseas counterparts, Heweiyongtai moved “Police Industry Salon” activity held inside China for many years to overseas, and successfully hosted the activity of “Police Industry Salon enter into SOFEX Jordan”.

It is a great honor for salon to invite senior executives of French conglomerate Safran, who have studied in China and can communicate in Chinese, pointing out that there are many opportunities for Chinese enterprises in Jordan. The salon also has the honor to invite elites from Shenzhen Hytera, Beijing Pufan, Shanghai HRSTEK, Guangzhou Zhongli, Ningxia Senno, Bayern Messe, etc. Mr. Gerry Wang, general manager of International trade department of Heweiyong, hosted the Salon and representatives from Hytera, HRSTEK, Senno and Heweiyongtai, spoke enthusiastically.

Salon Group Photo

Mr. Mehid, the senior executive of Safran SA, shared his experience in market development

Marketing engineer of Hytera in the Middle East talked about three conditions for success in developing Jordan's market. Firstly, find powerful dealers in the exhibition. Secondly, employ local employees with their native language and culture to explore the local market. Thirdly, set up an local for giving local customers great confidence and trust, indicating that the company is engaged in long-term business and can respond to requests from clients asking for services of technical support, after-sales service at any time. At present, Hytera has acquired many brand enterprise from British, German, Canadian, and has more than 200 offices around the world with nearly 10,000 employees and has achieved remarkable achievements.

Marketing engineer of Hytera in the Middle East shared the marketing experience

Representatives of other enterprises have talked about developing overseas markets, how small and medium-sized enterprises should gather together and exchange for developing.

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