Reports: Global Market Sees More Participation of Chinese Tech Firms

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By CHEN YINGQUN | CHINA DAILY | Updated: 2022-07-26

A Hisense employee works at a production facility in Cape Town, South Africa, in June. [Photo/Xinhua]

An increasing number of Chinese enterprises in the fields of technology and intelligent manufacturing are ratcheting up efforts to expand business activity across the globe, especially in some emerging markets such as South America and the Middle East, despite challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, industry experts said.

Data from professional networking site LinkedIn showed that Chinese tech enterprises engaged in software, telecommunications and database management, as well as intelligent manufacturing enterprises, have witnessed the fastest growth in overseas expansion.

"In recent years, China's intelligent manufacturing industry represented by 3D printing, industrial automation and industrial robots has seen remarkable progress," said Vianne Cai, head of marketing solutions at LinkedIn China.

Cai emphasized that Chinese intelligent manufacturing enterprises are transitioning from exporting labor and capital-intensive products to innovative technologies and self-owned brands, with greater emphasis on technical research and development.

Meanwhile, they have shifted their focus to some emerging markets such as India and Brazil in the process of overseas expansion, and have established very good reputations in overseas markets in the past few years, Cai said.

Some high-tech, new energy, photovoltaic and intelligent manufacturing enterprises have already targeted overseas markets for growth at the early stages of development, she added.

Among early waves of Chinese companies choosing to go abroad were mostly those from digital industries like social apps, video streaming and short video platforms, but traditional enterprises have established a global footprint and enhanced global competitiveness by adopting digital technologies in recent years, according to Amazon Web Services, the cloud service platform of US technology giant Amazon.

Chinese enterprises are expanding their presence from traditional overseas markets like Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe to emerging markets such as South America, the Middle East and Africa, AWS said.

In addition, Chinese auto brands, including traditional carmakers and electric vehicle startups, are actively making forays into the new energy vehicle sector in overseas markets, said Li Xiaomang, general manager of the commercial sector of AWS China.

More and more Chinese business-to-business service providers are going abroad, while some companies that have succeeded in business-to-consumer services abroad are also expanding into the B2B sector, Li added.

Chinese home appliance manufacturer Hisense Group has accelerated steps to expand its B2B business segment in overseas markets and build self-owned brands, showing its determination to drive the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, which will also become an important direction of strategic development for the company.

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