Ultra-wide Spectrum Physical Evidence Search And Recording System

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This product adopts a super large scientific research level image transmission sensor. With a spectral response range of 150nm~1100nm,the system can conduct a wide range search and high-definition recording of fingerprints,palm prints,blood stains,urine,spermatozoa,DNA traces,exlapsed cells and other organisms on various objects.With extremely high sensitivity and super week trace detection ability.

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Imaging component

Spectrum corresponding range Effective spectrum corresponding range: 150nm~1100nm;The average sensitivity response is 70% in the ultraviolet region, especially 60% at 254nm and 55% at 365nm.
Electronic times stronger noise technology Using a science-grade CMOS imager with large target surface and large pixel with ultra-low illumination.At the same time, the background noise is separated by scientific digital FPGA and DSP noise reduction technologies, and the clear high-contrast image is obtained.No refrigeration and no multiplication tube enhancement are required to obtain continuous high-definition full-spectrum physical evidence images.
Sensor size High-sensitivity UV enhanced scientific grade CMOS sensor is adopted, with single frame resolution of 2048*2048. The image target size is 1 inch diagonal, and the pixel size is 5.5 microns.
Image processing The main machine of the recording system is equipped with an image automatic processing button, which can automatically adjust the image. 
Shutter type Electronic shutter, exposure time automatically or manually adjusted.
Video and image output 1080P 25 frames/second real-time video image output, 2048*2048 4 megapixel real-time single frame photography.

It is fully compatible with special optical objective lens for field search, observation and magnifying shooting of detailed features

Focal length/Passing wavelength 35mm/ F2.0 fully compatible quartz lens, through the wavelength of 150nm-2000nm,5 meters long range trace material evidence search, discovery, positioning in the camera.
Achromatic correction Achromatic, UV/visible/infrared correction, the image is transparent and sharp.
Macro shooting Imaging distance from 15cm to infinity, large area search to fingerprint full screen, as well as file inspection details amplification, just adjust the focus can be the whole imaging.
Integrated design UV-light source, optical objective and color filter integrated design, compact and light.The full spectrum excitation light source can be customized according to user requirements.

Special color filter system for criminal recording, LED UV light and recording format and display

Color filter UV band Special UV filter: UVA(254nm),UVC(365nm)
Visible band of color filter 395nm,445nm,532nm
Color filter infrared band 850nm,940nm
Recording and saving format RAW/AVI non-compressed format, high-speed SDHC card for video and image data recording and saving.
Image saving format: HD recording image AVI/ARW format;When taking a single sheet;BMP,JPEG,TIF and other formats.
Real-time image enhancement processing Provide real-time background interference deduction function when taking fingerprint material evidence.
Display 5 inch IPS HD, ≥ pixel 720*1280.Through HDMI to achieve the expansion of high-definition large screen display.
System upgrade online Offline or online system upgrades can be realized through the fuselage network port or SD card, which can only improve the system performance
Power supply system Removable replaceable lithium battery polymer rechargeable battery.

Application Cases


                         Wall                                         Ash wall                                      A4 paper                        ≥2m search from wall                       Wooden doors





          Glass surface                       Stainless steel door handles                Dry napkins                                      Receipt                              Dark colored clothes




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