Ballistic Bomb Blanket

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The Ballistic Bomb Blanket is composed of explosion-proof blanket and explosion-proof fence. The inner core of explosion-proof blanket and explosion-proof fence is made of special materials, and high-strength woven fabric is used as inner and outer fabric. The PE UD cloth with superior explosion-proof performance is selected as the basic material, and a special sewing process is adopted to ensure the full absorption of the energy generated by the explosive fragments.

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  1. Main materials of Ballistic Bomb Blanket:aramid UD cloth and aramid woven fabric.It can effectively prevent the cutting of fence and blanket by fragments after explosion.This makes the protective performance of the bomb suppression blanket greatly improved,with double protection.


2.Structure composition of inner and outer fence:adhesive cloth,non-weft cloth and woven clothe after adhesive curing.


3.Blanket material:1680D fire-retardant oxford cloth,which can effectively avoid the occurrence of open fire after explosion.


4.Packaging:Customized tie bar boxes.It is more convenient for users to carry out tasks and go out.

Technical Index

1.Blanket outline size:≤1600mmX1600mm
2.Inner diameter of bomb suppression blanket fence:inner diameter of inner fence≤450mm;inner diameter of outer fence ≤600mm
3.Blanket and fence weight:≤29.75kg
4.Water seepage performance of blanket and coat materials,hydrostatic pressure:>12Kpa
5.Breaking strength of blanket and fence materials:radial:3040N,zonal:1930N
6.Tearing strength of blanket and fence materials:warp:584N,latitude:309N
7.Anti-explosion performance:When the 82-2 style grenade is detonated,there is no puncture hole on the simulated target.

Company Introduction

In 2008, Beijing Hewei Yongtai Technology Co., LTD was established in Beijing.Focus on the development and operation of special safety equipment, mainly serve the public security law, armed police, military, customs and other national security departments.

In 2010, Jiangsu Hewei Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD was established in Guannan.Covering an area of 9000 square meters of workshop and office building, it aims to build a first-class special safety equipment research and development base in China.

In 2015, a military-police Reserch and development center was set up in Shenzhen.Focus on the development of special safety equipment, has developed more than 200 kinds of professional safety equipment.


Overseas Exhibitions

DST 2018 Thailand
DSA 2017 Malaysia-2


ISETC.000120200108-Handheld Trace Explosive Detector  EMC_00
ISO 9001 Certificate

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